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We love to hear a good story! Look below to see all what our members have to say about Deere Employees Credit Union.

"The best financial institution ever!!! DECU has great rates, outstanding customer service and always takes care of us. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful when we call in for questions. Whether it is a auto loan, signature loan and most recently a re-finance mortgage Deere just rocks it! For a Credit Union that is two states away, we feel that they are just up the street helping us with all our financial needs. We love DECU and have since 2000!!! Keep up the amazing job you are doing! Members like us appreciate it greatly! Thank you! "
- D. G. T.
"DECU has been there for us every time we have needed to finance a vehicle, do a personal loan, a credit card etc. We have always been very pleased with the credit union. "
- bw
"We have always had great service when we have contacted you. We don't live in the same state as the credit union and we do not find that to be a problem at all. We can take care of all our banking needs with DECU."
- Tom
"Great customer service and it's easy to work with DECU. When you call, a person answers the phone! "
- C.S.
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