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“I always feel like DECU has my best interest in mind.” - Deborah

We love to hear a good story! Look below to see all what our members have to say about Deere Employees Credit Union.  Do you have a compliment or suggestion you'd like to share with us?  Share your feedback here.

"As a DECU/DCCU member for many, many years, their staff is extremely phone-friendly. It's GREAT to (generally) always hear a "live" person's voice immediately upon calling. For the most part, the return response time is quick, as well, when an issue needs to be investigated/resolved! Everyone is very helpful and goes 'above & beyond', remaining calm, cool & collected, even when frustration sets in for those of us Senior Citizens who are not always "up" on the latest terminology & electronics. From time-to-time I even learn something new & enlightening during my telephone conversations, which I, personally, welcome. I can honestly say that the majority of my experiences and interactions with DECU staff members have been nothing but positive! klb"
- Kay L.
"First, I just want to say thank you for all of your help along the way. You really helped us get the car we wanted and needed for our family. I know it's your job but i just felt like you took extra care of me and I'm grateful for that! Thanks Jenna! "
- Paris
"just love logan spires "
- pamela fitzgerald
"It's amazing how God blesses you with friends in life. Gets you back on track to help you better prepare your future. I thank my credit union for helping me reach my goal one month sooner. Logan helped me improve my credit score. Ford F-150 here I come!"
- Fred
"I was a first time buyer and was hesitant about making the move to buy my first car. I enjoyed the personalized service I receive with DECU. I always feel like DECU has my best interest in mind. "
- Deborah
"I had no issues with the service, Sandi was extremely helpful and helped me secure a financial route to better my credit and is continuously helping me. By far the best bank I have ever worked with. Keep up the good work! As I said in the other comment this is the best bank I've ever worked with and you actually feel valued here. You're able to speak with your representative and it doesnt have the big corporation feel, it's feels more like a second family and I love that. Already referred 3 people to this credit union and will continue to refer people."
- Chandler
"The DCCU representative (Logan Spires) reached out to me well in advance of my arrival in the US. Everything was pre-planned and I had an account up and running in less than 2 days of starting office. Logan is also very approachable and able to provide answers to each query I had, right away. The paper work was minimal and needed only a few minutes to complete. Here again, Logan made it look like it was a breeze. The whole process has been flawless. "
- Ranvir
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