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I would highly recommend DECU to anyone looking confidence and trust -
where the employees are truly
charismatic in helping their
clients succeed.
A+++ service.

The Ebert Family

We love to hear a good story! Look below to see all what our members have to say about Deere Employees Credit Union.  Do you have a compliment or suggestion you'd like to share with us?  Share your feedback here.

"I was asked: "What is the most important improvement we could make to the vehicle loan process?" I honestly couldn't think of one, the entire process was the most painless vehicle purchase I have ever made in my 54 yrs. I have always received absolute top tier, personalized service from my credit union and especially from the employees, Molly at Des Moines Works has been an absolute dream to conduct business with, very down to earth, always professional, cordial, courteous and knowledgeable, an asset to Deere Credit Union without a doubt! I look forward to my next vehicle loan already . . . Ronald R. "
- Ron R.
"We have been members since 2008 and have always had the best experiences. The staff is amazing! Jenna Bergman just makes things better! Thank you DECU for always making us feel like family!"
- Rob and Lisa Barnett
"Laura Laxy & Stacy Hageman did an outstanding job helping to execute our home loan. They were professional, responsive and helped make the entire process simple and worry free for my family. I would highly recommend DECU to anyone looking confidence and trust - where the employees are truly charismatic in helping their clients succeed. A+++ service. Thank you Laura, Stacy & the DECU team!"
- Johnathan Ebert
"The primary reason would be that I am confident if I recommended someone to use DECU that they would receive great service from Julie as well. Customer Service is the name of the game and she gets it! It is HUGE to have a local contact to call/email/ meet with and ask any questions. Julie Barnes is our representative and she rocked it out! We went in to discuss options for our loan and how it could help us in other areas. Very pleased! "
- Stefan Johnson Styles
"Carrie Smith is one of the best loan officers that I have ever worked with. She is very personable and knows me and my family. She has helped me move all my finances to DECU. Great Experience! Does not feel like a bank, the people are great!"
- Michael Rome
"Being retired military, I joined the Pentagon Federal Credit Union over 45 yrs ago. I noticed as they grew larger, the customer service and personal attention diminished. I was lucky to have a great second career with John Deere and joined DECU well over 20 yrs ago. Its amazing (and unusual in finance circles) but as DECU grew by offering great savings and loan rates, their personal service got better and better. I always get a friendly voice on the phone, fast same-day service on literally every request I have made. This is truly the best financial institution I have ever dealt with. I opened accounts for my grown children and they are doing the same for their children. This type of attention to detail and personal commitment can't be faked...its an integral part of DECU mission and focus. Great leadership, great people, great products. It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you, DECU."
- Paul J Mallon
"As always, DECU makes the process incredibly easy. At JDF we talk a lot about how we can be “easy to do business with.” DECU has that figured out. Everyone I deal with is first class so I know that, even though a situation like moving, buying and selling a house, and obtaining a new mortgage can be stressful activities, DECU takes the stress out of it. As far as working with you personally Louie; it was awesome. You answered any and all questions and were always very responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. I hope I’m not in the market for a new house again anytime soon, but if I am, DECU is going to be my first (and probably only) stop to make it happen. Thanks! Bill "
- Bill Connolly
"Whose banker calls them to tell them their ARM is going to increase? Ours! Jake has been helpful on each and every mortgage question. He helped us find the best solutions for each of our mortgages and was professional and friendly. I cannot image working with any other lender - DCCU rates are always the best; the service and people make it easy to navigate through each and every process. Jake Dawson is a true asset to DCCU."
- Sandra
"Its always a positive experience at the credit union. People treat you with respect and are interested in satisfying your needs. I had a less than satisfying experience trying to cash a check at a local bank. The check was drawn on the bank that I was attempting to cash the check. They asked for not one but two forms of identification and made me give a fingerprint on the check. The only thing they didn't ask for was a note from mommy. . so glad that never happens at the credit union. I have been a member for years a the credit union and the experience at decu is what banking should be like everywhere.get57 "
- Jerry miller
"Laura Laxy was fantastic to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. As always, it was another very positive experience with DECU. That's why I've been a member for so long. Keep up the great work. DECU is always my 1st choice for any and all financial needs. You people are the best and the easiest to work with.""
- Steve K
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