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Accidents happen.
That’s why overdraft protection is a good thing. We make it easy to use your savings account or a standing line of credit to make overdrafts a thing of the past.

Overdraft protection can assist in covering items coming through your checking account. The Credit Union can set up your account to overdraw from a Line of Credit or savings account. Fees may apply. Please contact the Credit Union if you would like to know how your account is set up.

Make sure you’re covered.  Log-in to Online Banking, select the Orange Gear Wheel, next to your Checking Account, select OverDraft Protection, and follow the onscreen instructions.  Or, simply give us a call at 800-338-6739.

Courtesy Pay

Have you ever made an honest mistake in your checkbook? Or, found yourself a “little short” before payday? Perhaps you’ve had an unusual or unforeseen expense at the wrong time.  Relax, you may deserve special consideration.

  • Convenience: Even if your Available Balance is low, your transaction may be covered on the spot.
  • Peace of Mind: Courtesy Pay can prove vital in urgent circumstances such as unexpected car repairs or costs while traveling.
  • Privacy: Courtesy Pay safeguards you from the potential embarrassment of bouncing a check with a merchant or having your debit card declined when taking a friend to dinner. Neither the merchant nor other patrons will be aware of the status of your account.


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