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The best word to describe our checking? Easy.

Wish you could find a checking account that made it easy to avoid check fees and service fees? How about an account that includes a free VISA® debit card with unlimited free ATM transactions? Well, we have customizable options that include all of that, plus the opportunity to earn interest on your balance and choose overdraft protection. If you’re looking for an easy decision, you should really check this checking account out!

When you do, keep in mind that our members also have a unique opportunity to share in the financial success of their credit union. DECU’s Owner Participation Account (OPA) annually distributes any excess earnings to our members in the form of additional interest on earnings (and rebates on loan interest). So, the more you deposit, the more you get back at the end of the year!

You may reorder your checks by logging into Online Banking and selecting the orange gear wheel next to your checking account or by calling (800) 338-6739.

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